Ashot Asatryan



1954 - Born in  Artashavan, Armenia.
1982 - Graduated from the Yerevan Art institute.
1988 - Became a member of the Artist’s Union of Armenia.
1995 - Became a member of Artist’s International Federation.


Ashot Asatrayn’s worкs are in the museums and in many private collections in USA and Europe.




1991 – Oslo, Norway (solo)
1992 – Moscow, Russia
1993 – Anshbach, Germany
1994 – Bremen, Germany (solo)
1995 – Vrotslav, Poland
1997 – Moscow, Russia (solo)
1998 – Tynset, Norway (solo)
1999 – London, Great Britain (solo)
2000 – Paris, France
2000 – Fossen, Norway (solo)
2001 – Antwerpen , Belgium
2002 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2003 – Warszawa , Poland
2004 – Barcelona, Spain
2005 – La Valletta, Malta (solo)
2006 – Damask, Syria
2007 – Miami, USA


  The genre and thematic compass of Asatryan’s compositions are very broad. But to create a genre is not an objective for the artist. It is just the eternal shape of Asatryan’s compositions, which embodies the internal conception of the artist and bears a specific implication.
   From real images the artist strives after abstraction, from the concrete to deformation, as if constantly in a state of experiment.
   Sometimes it is difficult to understand Asatryan’s works directly. He creates a chaotic state, which has a subjective emotional basis.
   There are no screaming emotions in his works, but there is a pensive steadiness.
   The thematic interests of Ashot Asatryan have various orientations; from original interpretations of the literary heritage of the classics, to everyday topics, done in realistic manner or to abstract expressionism.
   Asatryan also uses biblical themes with a touch of mysticism.
   The artist’s graphic works on mixed media approach by the elaboration of the surface the level of oil painting.
   Asatryan very often uses complex methods of exposing his artistic ideas, such as triptychs or series. This style of exposing his artistic ideas frees the artist from static character and brings movement and expression into his compositions.
   Art is the best way to bring countries and people closer together. The glory and the good of art is that it exhibits truth and is a mirror on the society.
   Nature is the art of God, and Art is the nature of the human being.
   Ashot Asatryan is an artist who has definitely found his true expression of contemporary life, while remaining very close to his Armenian roots.
Asatryan’s work is very expressive and colorful. Staying loyal and close to nature and also being extremely individual and artistic.

Ashot Asatran's works