Hovik Antonyan



1952 - Born in Yerevan, Armenia.
1975 - Graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute.
1986 - Became  a member of the Artist's Union of the USSR.
1995 - Became a member of Artist’s International Federation.

His pictures are property of museums of Armenia and private collections in Armenia, USA, Israel, Canada, France, Egypt.




1989 - Marseilles, France
1990 - Liege, Belgium
1992 - Los Angeles, USA
1993 - Munich, Germany
1994 - Paris, France (solo)
1996 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
1998 - Boston, USA
1999 - Yerevan, Armenia (solo)
1999 - Toronto, Canada
2001 - Dubai, the United Arab Emirates
2002 - Paris, France (solo)
2003 - Hagen, Germany (solo)
2004 - Miami, the USA
2005 - Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
2006 - Montreal, Canada



Hovik Antonyan is a very modest and smart person devoid of superfluous Bohemian "gloss" and finesse. He has never strived after grandiose artistic forms, generalization or pathos. He seems to take in life by imprinted in his soul and memory separate fragments, which at the same time, make sense and harmony of the whole. Sensitive care to his own sentiments and moods, as well as an insistent desire to "grasp- and reflect them as precisely as possible, direct his creative skill and help to find appropriate means of expression. He works rather quickly. It seems sometimes as if the artist's intention is simultaneous to the process of painting. By dint of modification within a few tints, he attains expressive dimensional color solutions. The artist pays a specific attention to pictorial accents-bright white patches of a paper or rich, "pouring douse" lines of red and ochre. He uses big voluminous strokes for the main details and vastly modeled background which is integral, meaningful component of a picture, the media and mood of the depicted-something that is left out of shot, something kept unexpressed. The restrained character of his pictures reminds of the delicate nature of the painter. This delicacy springs from his experience in life: deep layers of inner links and regulations, all that is of great value and importance to the artist is hidden from a shallow mind but revealed to a shrewd and thoughtful observer.

Hovik Antonyan's works